Reactive ThangLong – Functional Reactive Programming codecamp

Functional Reactive Programming codecamp – the very first event series on programming of the same name at Hanoi is finally here!

This December 4, 2016, we proudly launched the opening event that lay the foundation for FRP community in Hanoi considering the explosive demand for developers with the latest and greatest coding toolkit. As a programming properly deals with the abundance of real-time events while raises the abstraction and conciseness of code, FRP isn’t just another emerging trend in software development but rather the paradigm for modern software developers to learn.

Our speakers were Mr. Dang Thai Son – programming blogger at dangthaison91 and Mr. Truong Minh Khoi – host from Innovatube TechTalk series with over 5 years of iOS experience. Both are Innovatube-ers with strong passion for FRP! Proposing the event, they directly delivered 2 workshops along with an assignment focusing on RxSwift.


Participants received step-by-step guidance and solved particular task assigned, supported with published source code on GitHub and mentoring by the hosts.  

The 3-hour meetup unexpectedly expanded for 2 hours with full participation of over 10 iOS developers who either haven’t had the chance to implement FRP or would like to boost their programming skill, even those who came to network with Hanoi FRP community.


After the event, there were a number of exercises and questions distributed among the group so everyone can keep on discussing and practicing FRP. All source code and answers after committing on GitHub will be continued to get reviews from our mentors as well as Reactive Thang Long community.

Stay tuned to the upcoming events of FRP codecamp with more diverse topics and languages (Java, JS, Python, .NET, PHP, …). Talk sessions, hackathon or codelab? You decided! Don’t hesitate to let us know 🙂