LaunchIT #3 – Discover new startups in town

LaunchIT is a series of events creating a dynamic and open space for startups to display and introduce their products to the local startup community! This product launch party is where everyone can network, learn from each other and discover new startups in town.


Building on the continued success of the last 2 events, LaunchIT # 3 is here to amaze you!


If your startup has product (1) in beta phase or (2) just released within 6 months, don’t hesitate to join LaunchIT #3 to:

✔ Get first users and receive feedback

✔ Network with investors, other startups in the community and individuals interested in starting new businesses

✔ Win attractive prizes from our partners!


Deadline for registration: 23:59, 26/02/2017


OR If you:

✔ Are an entrepreneur and want to network with other startups in town

✔ Are interested in technology and want to discover new products

✔ Are looking for technological solutions for your business

✔ Are an investor seeking potential startups

Click HERE to reserve your seat!

Early bird registration rates end on Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 23:59. After that, prices go up and you could miss an opportunity to join a fabulous launch party!


Time: 14:00, Sunday, 05/03/2016

Venue: BKHUP Co-working Space, 3rd Floor, A17 Building,Ta Quang Buu Street, Hanoi



14:00 – 14:30 | Check-in

14:30 – 14:40 | Welcome and introductions

14:40 – 15:40 |  Product pitches (7-minute pitch, 3-minute Q&A)

15:40 – 16:25 | Guest speakers sharing experience in developing product from idea stage

16:25 – 16:35 | Winning team announcement

16:35 – 17:30 | Networking and booth visits


For inquiries, please contact: Ms. Hai Anh (Jade) – (+84) 947 230 518 |

Meet&Greet #2 – Developer’s tips for applying and working overseas

What qualifications do you need to attract recruiters from the world’s leading tech companies like Google, Facebook and Bloomberg? How should you prepare for an interview? How to negotiate a good salary in Silicon Valley?… These are tons of questions Vietnamese developers concern with regarding job application process and working abroad. 

Understanding their needs, on December 27th, 2016, we organized Meet&Greet #2 event hosted by Mr. Le Quoc Viet, a senior software engineer at Research and Development division of Bloomberg in London.


In this meetup, he shared with us top skills tech employers want today and ways to optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems. Best interview practices and his insights into hiring process got the most attention. Our favorite is when he recommended highly valuable practice materials that no developers who desire to work abroad should miss. 

There were almost 60 attendees, exceeding the number of registrations! Throughout the event, people discussed so excitingly with the speaker. Many interesting questions were raised.


“When recruiting an engineer, what we care about isn’t his/her nationality. For example, my company (Bloomberg) doesn’t care bout qualification, nationality, gender or religion. A candidate is selected because of his/her experience and interview performance. Bloomberg, Google and Facebook are willing to recruit candidates from all around the world. They even sponsor ticket and hotel fee for the candiates.” Mr. Viet said.

After this event, we received many positive comments from attendees. Mr. Viet was also very happy to meet with Vietnamese developers and reunite with his old pals. Thanks to our attendees and speaker’s feedbacks, we had a huge motivation to organize an even greater Meet&Greet next year!

Reactive ThangLong – Functional Reactive Programming codecamp

Functional Reactive Programming codecamp – the very first event series on programming of the same name at Hanoi is finally here!

This December 4, 2016, we proudly launched the opening event that lay the foundation for FRP community in Hanoi considering the explosive demand for developers with the latest and greatest coding toolkit. As a programming properly deals with the abundance of real-time events while raises the abstraction and conciseness of code, FRP isn’t just another emerging trend in software development but rather the paradigm for modern software developers to learn.

Our speakers were Mr. Dang Thai Son – programming blogger at dangthaison91 and Mr. Truong Minh Khoi – host from Innovatube TechTalk series with over 5 years of iOS experience. Both are Innovatube-ers with strong passion for FRP! Proposing the event, they directly delivered 2 workshops along with an assignment focusing on RxSwift.


Participants received step-by-step guidance and solved particular task assigned, supported with published source code on GitHub and mentoring by the hosts.  

The 3-hour meetup unexpectedly expanded for 2 hours with full participation of over 10 iOS developers who either haven’t had the chance to implement FRP or would like to boost their programming skill, even those who came to network with Hanoi FRP community.


After the event, there were a number of exercises and questions distributed among the group so everyone can keep on discussing and practicing FRP. All source code and answers after committing on GitHub will be continued to get reviews from our mentors as well as Reactive Thang Long community.

Stay tuned to the upcoming events of FRP codecamp with more diverse topics and languages (Java, JS, Python, .NET, PHP, …). Talk sessions, hackathon or codelab? You decided! Don’t hesitate to let us know 🙂

Meet & Greet #1 – UX/UI design tips for startups

Meet&Greet is a monthly meet-up that brings Hanoi startup community together. Each month, a topic is identified and led by a special host while participants are encouraged to raise relevant questions, give examples and contribute their insights.

On November 10, 2016, we proudly launched the first Meet&Greet event hosted by Mr. Doan Quang Hung, an UX/UI expert with 2-year experience in German startups. Came back to Vietnam since July 2016, he’s now a UX/UI consultant for statups while working at Donkihote, the online food ordering and delivery application.


Revolved around UX/UI design for new ventures, Hung’s sharing gave fascinating insights into the role of designer in IT companies and tech startups, Vietnamese designers’ weaknesses and how we can work to improve them, and advice on how designers and founders can work together.


Though this was a small-size event limited to 25 participants, the actual attendance was much higher. What’s greater is that everyone gave it their full attention up to the end of the session, and that’s a huge motivation for our team to organize an event-better event next month!

Stay tuned for Meet&Greet #2!

LaunchIT #2- Showcase the best new of Hanoi startup scene

LaunchIT is an absolute should-not-be-missed event series for startup community in Hanoi where new ventures can introduce their products to the local community and you can discover the latest products!


Held on December 4, 2016, LaunchIT #2 was a great success with the participation of 5 startup teams full of potential ranging from human resources (Wisami, Talentwisabi), hotel booking (Innaway), unified communications solutions for business (Antbuddy) to social network (Etady).


Over 50 attendees gave their full attention throughout 1 hour of product pitch and demo.

As the audience voted for their most favorite products, Etady convincingly won the race with 19 preference votes, receiving a marketing support package worth 5 million Vietnamese Dong from Metsa AdVentures advertising agency. What’s more, A set of NT100 MK2 earphone sponsored by Notes Audio was given away to a lucky attendee.


LaunchIT is more than just a product launch party. It’s a chance for startups to bring their products to the market, get first users and receive feedbacks for improvement while the community get inspired.

Stay tuned for LaunchIT #3!