Commercial Project Intern

About Nexus Frontier Tech:

We are a consultation and development company focusing in deep technologies with offices in London, Tokyo and Hanoi. We focus in using the artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transform the intelligence automation (IA) of work processes.


As a Commercial Project Intern at IFL, you will be joining our office in around the world to work in teams or directly with our clients. You will assist the Commercial Director to act as a communication bridge between the organisations we work with and our core team in Asia and Europe.


To deliver best-in-class solutions via pitch decks, presentations and any form of visual to our Clients. Working closely with teams across the business, your projects will vary in length, size and location, depending on the challenge. Together, you’ll transform some of the world’s biggest organisations with deep tech especially AI.

This includes gathering and analyzing information, formulating and testing hypotheses, and developing and communicating recommendations.  You’ll also have the opportunity to present results to client management and implement recommendations in collaboration with client team members.

You’ll gain new skills and build on the strengths you bring to the firm. Commercial Project Interns receive exceptional training as well as frequent coaching and mentoring from colleagues.

You can work remotely or in office together with the team, owning a distinct piece of the project. Some examples of the specific work may include interviewing clients, leading client teams, building financial models, creating and delivering presentations, and working with network of experts to develop perspectives and insights for the client.


  • Experience as a consultant / engagement manager in projects
  • Experience with finance, insurance or legal industry.


  • Resilient. You are cool under pressure and comfortable adapting to new circumstances in a dynamic and demanding work environment.
  • A do-er and a decision maker. You will rarely have all the answers or data points in a live deployment, but it is your job to bring in the right stakeholders, then make a decision that will impact the project.
  • Emotionally intelligent. You can talk to people from different backgrounds and with varying levels of tech know-how (engineering, commercial, product, design). You are able to understand different points of view, motivations and thought processes, then arrive at a cohesive solution that aligns everyone’s objectives
  • Curious about tech automation. We deploy our solutions in technically complex environments. You are willing to dive deep into the workflows of our clients and understand how Nexus can bring value to them
  • Driven and growth-oriented. You put effort into whatever it is you take up and don’t like doing things (whether it’s college, work or hobbies) in half-measures
  • Meticulous. You stay on top of details, record-keeping and timelines. You know that without communication, products and processes break down.
  • Based in US/UK


  • Application including CV & Cover letter in English to


First come, first served and only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted. Thank you!

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