Meet&Greet #2 – Developer’s tips for applying and working overseas

What qualifications do you need to attract recruiters from the world’s leading tech companies like Google, Facebook and Bloomberg? How should you prepare for an interview? How to negotiate a good salary in Silicon Valley?… These are tons of questions Vietnamese developers concern with regarding job application process and working abroad. 

Understanding their needs, on December 27th, 2016, we organized Meet&Greet #2 event hosted by Mr. Le Quoc Viet, a senior software engineer at Research and Development division of Bloomberg in London.


In this meetup, he shared with us top skills tech employers want today and ways to optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems. Best interview practices and his insights into hiring process got the most attention. Our favorite is when he recommended highly valuable practice materials that no developers who desire to work abroad should miss. 

There were almost 60 attendees, exceeding the number of registrations! Throughout the event, people discussed so excitingly with the speaker. Many interesting questions were raised.


“When recruiting an engineer, what we care about isn’t his/her nationality. For example, my company (Bloomberg) doesn’t care bout qualification, nationality, gender or religion. A candidate is selected because of his/her experience and interview performance. Bloomberg, Google and Facebook are willing to recruit candidates from all around the world. They even sponsor ticket and hotel fee for the candiates.” Mr. Viet said.

After this event, we received many positive comments from attendees. Mr. Viet was also very happy to meet with Vietnamese developers and reunite with his old pals. Thanks to our attendees and speaker’s feedbacks, we had a huge motivation to organize an even greater Meet&Greet next year!

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