Client: on-demand jobs platform

Demand: fast reaction to changes/new requirements


 – new technology updates are always considered & applied for the app

 – strongly focused on architecture for long-term stability and extensibility
Working with startups is always exciting and challenging for our whole team because each of them will have special requirements for their unique products. It makes it motivating and rewarding to work on innovative projects.

Here, we will go through the case of a London-based startup which we worked with. Their idea was to offer an on-demand job platform for the U.K. hospitality industry. As you may know, on-demand kind of product tend to grow very fast in terms of users, which requires a strong architecture for long-term stability and extensibility.

To meet our client’s demand, we’ve strongly focused on architecture from the beginning by applying a lot of modern technologies. For example, with iOS operating system, we used Networking Layer, Data model and database, Model–view–view-model (MVVM) as well as Functional Reactive Programming. For Android operating system, we use MVP and React (Rx).

MVVM technology is very good for stability and extensibility with 3 benefits.  First, it is easy to redesign the UI without messing with the model logic since they are both completely isolated. As long as you link appropriate properties to the ViewModel, you can swap view components in and out, which gives more freedom to experiment with the UI. Secondly, for Universal apps, both iPad and iPhone ViewControllers can interact with the same ViewModel. Lastly, it’s easier to test. Developers can create unit tests for ViewModel and model without the View.


Startups generally love to apply latest technologies to their products in order to be as innovative and disruptive as possible, so they can attract the largest number of users. It is a great opportunity for us to experience many languages & tools, but it’s also a challenge to be able to follow every last trend in technology because it evolves fast. This requires a strong flexibility and adaptability.

To give an example, last September, when Apple just released the swift 3.0, we quickly applied this version to our product because we knew it was something we needed to do in order to stay on track.

Many developers find it too unstable and risky working with startups because they’re very likely to change their ideas, products and even technologies quite often. But our team is used to it and is able to meet any requirements. We find it motivating and rewarding and we have developed skills that enable us to be greatly flexible & always prepared for any change in technologies. This is why startups choose us and we hope our work will speak by itself and bring us new exciting projects to work on.





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