Client: Facebook-ish social media platform for stores/restaurants and fans


– Newest technology to app (Offline working, responsive data)

– Strict on-time delivery

Solution: Applying the newest technology, working overtime

Since startups are the ones to come up with a lot of new ideas, they tend to want new technologies applied to their products in order to get the largest number of users/customers. This is one of the reasons that makes it so challenging and interesting to work with them. Our developers are glad and thankful to learn and apply the latest technologies to unique products which come from brilliant ideas.

Here, we will go through the case of a new facebook-ish social media platform for stores/restaurants and their fans. We helped them to create this platform aiming to improve the connection and engagement between stores/restaurants and fans. This app allows to build a strong relationship between those parties. Thus, it helps attract and retain new and existing customers. 

In order to meet our client’s demand, we give a special importance to always update the latest technologies on the market such as Rearm, iOS 10 libraries (Alamofire, swiftyJSON, Objectmapper, Quick, Eureka, Rxswift, Snapkit, Spring, Kingfisher, Corestore). Just as a typical example, Alamofire is an HTTP networking library built on top of NSURLSession and the Foundation URL Loading System. It nicely wraps networking mechanisms in an elegant and simple Swift interface. Alamofire provides chainable response/request methods, JSON parameter and response serialization, authentication, and many other features. Despite all these attracting advantages , this 2 -year -old library is still unfamiliar to many engineers because it’s quite hard to master. But thanks to our tech-savvy, hardworking and enthusiastic developers who were able to learn Alamofire very fast, we did apply successfully this library to many clients’ products with great results.  

Besides their latest technology preference, our client also has strict requirements on the delivery time. As we understand delivery is a crucial issue for any client, we knew we must have a great tasks management and time management plan in order to deliver the product as quickly as possible and with the greatest quality. This is why we’ve chosen to use Zenhub project management to keep our schedule on the right track. Zenhub is a beta product that allows us to develop faster, communicate better, and release without overhead by integrating everything within GitHub. 

But unlike normal team who often have QA team check the products by the whole sprint, we ask our QA members check on a task basis. It means they will check once the developers finish a task. This resulted in our QA members to work harder but we are proud that we were able to accelerate the progress of the project. Also, whenever there are unexpected problems occurring, our team are always ready to work overtime at night or during weekends so as to be able to deliver the product on time.

Now that the application has been released and received hundreds of good feedbacks on app stores, we are so happy to see the results of our work and to see that it’s been a success. We hope that our ambition, our taste for latest technology as well as our developing and managing skills will lead us to work on many project like this one and it will be our motivation for other projects in the future.

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