Meet & Greet #1 – UX/UI design tips for startups

Meet&Greet is a monthly meet-up that brings Hanoi startup community together. Each month, a topic is identified and led by a special host while participants are encouraged to raise relevant questions, give examples and contribute their insights.

On November 10, 2016, we proudly launched the first Meet&Greet event hosted by Mr. Doan Quang Hung, an UX/UI expert with 2-year experience in German startups. Came back to Vietnam since July 2016, he’s now a UX/UI consultant for statups while working at Donkihote, the online food ordering and delivery application.


Revolved around UX/UI design for new ventures, Hung’s sharing gave fascinating insights into the role of designer in IT companies and tech startups, Vietnamese designers’ weaknesses and how we can work to improve them, and advice on how designers and founders can work together.


Though this was a small-size event limited to 25 participants, the actual attendance was much higher. What’s greater is that everyone gave it their full attention up to the end of the session, and that’s a huge motivation for our team to organize an event-better event next month!

Stay tuned for Meet&Greet #2!